Frequently asked questions

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Our dream is to make electric bicycles accessible to everyone. We have worked long and hard to create an electric mountain bike that is not only affordable but also made of quality components. We have extensive experience in sourcing and manufacturing products and components. This is a key factor that enables us to maintain a low units cost based on volume. With increased sales and production volume, we are confident that we can ensure a low price, even after the campaign has ended. 

We have spent lots of time finding the right suppliers and manufacturers for Advene. Our many years of experience dealing directly with sourcing companies, factories & shipping companies have helped us a great deal to be able to offer high quality product for the lowest price possible.  

We deliver Advene anywhere in the world as long as local laws permit us to import Advene. Note that buyers have to handle local customs and taxes (We have clearance for USA, Europe, Singapore & South Korea). 

Advene is built strong and can handle riders up to 200 kg (440 lbs) with ease. 

To streamline manufacturing and costs, we will only be producing Advene in 1 size. Advene is designed to fit everyone through the adjustment of the seat height and front stem. So whether you are 150 cm / 4′9” or over 200 cm / 6′5” high, you will ride comfortably at your own style. It can fit comfortably for bikers under 185 cm/ 71 inches below. We will provide the longer front stem for bikers above 185 cm/ 71 inches. 

We want to protect the battery cells and also seek a very clean aesthetic look, so it is well integrated into the frame at the down tube area, protected by a secure discreet locking mechanism which only key-holders can unlock and open. 

Advene weighs approximately 23 kg (42 lbs) with the battery. Its carrying handle in the middle of the frame makes it easy to lift. 

The battery inside Advene is built to last on average up to 80 km (45 mi) with the pedal assist. The battery takes around 5-6 hours to charge fully; alternatively, riders can choose to opt-in for the speed charger accessory and charge Advene up in 2 to 4 hours, supported by our battery specialist partner – Anzene. 

Of course! If you run out of power, you can cycle as you would do with a regular bicycle with the Shimano 7 speed gear. Even without an engine – it still feels like a dream to ride – even in off-road conditions. 

Yes. The battery is designed in such a way that you can change or remove it within 9 seconds in 2 easy steps. Unlock the battery and pull out the battery and you’re done. 

Advene comes delivered with instructions in safely packed box and requires minimal assembly. You can also find help on our instruction video guides soon. However, if you don’t have much experience with bicycles, we recommend that you visit your local bike shop to get all parts tightened and thoroughly checked for the best riding experience. 

The shipment will come from 2 places, Singapore or China, depending where the customer is from. 

Shipping is set to US$140 within Asia pacific region such as Singapore, South Korea and Japan. 

Due to covid-19, shipping to the rest of the region such as United states, Europe and Australia wil cost US $300. We would absorb 50% of the shipping cost to keep the price competitive and let more people enjoy Advene bikes. 

If there is visible damage to your Advene box and it appears to have damaged the bike and/or its other contents, please notify the courier immediately as they are held responsible for all damage caused in transit. Take photos and request documentation or a report from them stating that you have received a box with visible damages. You will need this for insurance purposes to qualify for a replacement Advene. 

Advene’s hub and batteries come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and 3 months for the components for quality issues. Should you encounter any issues due to production, simply contact our customer support and we will take care of it. As many elements of a bike may get worn & damaged due to normal cycling use, we do not offer the warranty on parts such as tires, disc brakes, chain etc. 

This is the “Advene-promise”: We are so confident that you will love your new Advene so much, that we offer you a 14 days money back guarantee after you have received it, if you are not satisfied. However, if you decide to do so, your Advene bike must be in new and re-sellable condition. Take note the shipping cost back is not covered. #ADVENEpromise 

No. Our bikes are made 100% street legal. 

Backers from Europe, US, Singapore and South Korea will be exempted from it. The backer is responsible for these costs. Please check your country’s import duties/VAT/GST before purchasing. Duties/VAT/GTS is to be paid before we can deliver your Advene. We will send payment links, invoice overview and ask for a final delivery address confirmation before we ship your Advene. 

At this stage, test rides are only available in Singapore & South Korea. Contact us by email for a test ride. 

In the event we are unable to deliver your Advene due to any legal restrictions on the import or delivery of your bike, we shall refund you 75% of the amount on your Indiegogo campaign contribution. You are responsible for determining whether its legal to import, deliver, and operate the Advene at your location. 

Yes, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade your product choice or accessories. If we are still in the campaign period, the best way is to ask for a refund is through your profile on Indiegogo where you’ll find a “refund” button. And then “back” a new perk or make the order again. 

Yes, it can be mounted and the US model comes with it. Take note that it will void the EN certification that we will have. As it will remove the pedal-assisted features. For some countries like Singapore, a throttle is not allowed on the bike and the cyclist will be fine. Therefore, you are responsible for any problems caused by failing to comply. 

Yes, we can spec the bike in which you can buy the US model without the throttle.