The LIGHTEST eMountain Bike

Up to 10kg Lighter Than Average Bike

With Proprietary Battery Technology

For ZERO Effort Riding 

ZERO Effort Riding: Road, City, Nature

Superior Battery Technology

This off-terrain multi-purpose bike is specifically designed with superior battery technology and an ultra-light frame to achieve minimal-effort riding in a multitude of terrains ranging from bumpy roads, busy cities, and steep terrains. The wide wheels and pedal assistance system also allow cyclists to have superb maneuverability and versatility in the different settings.

MAXIMUM Thrill Factor

6-Speed Option, Up To 27 Gears

Extraordinary gears and motor systems provide you with a smart electric 6-speed option for full throttle/pedal assistance at up to 27 gears, and accelerate up to the speed of 25km/hr; an unbelievable thrill factor that has never ever been experienced on a bike.

LAST The Ages

Top-Grade Aluminum, Withstand Up to 200kg

Top-quality aluminium alloy Grade 6061 frame which can withstand up to 200kg (400 pounds) of weight, equipping users with the ultimate reliability and durability. The 4-year warranty on any bicycle parts offers an additional assurance.

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Key Features

Top Grade Aluminium For Optimal Performance

Lightweight aluminium alloy grade 6061 frame that can withstand up to 200 kg (400 pounds)

Revolutionary Battery Technology For Incredible Maneuverability

Standard 36v 7.6ah battery that can travel up to 80km with 4 to 6 hours charge, comes with 2 years warranty

Powerful and Quiet Motor For Unobstructive Riding Experience

Up to 350 watt booster at speeds up to 25 km/hr with minimal engine sound

Integrated Function & Gear System For Excellent Versatility

Smart electric 6-speed option for full throttle / pedal assistance or 27 gears

Upholding Exceptional Workmanship

Design For Utmost Safety

Superior Gear System

The automatic speed mechanism ensures seamless gear shifting and prevents accidents even when riding at full load.

Durable & Precise Mechanism

Superb eBike system

A world class electronic bike system skillfully crafted to ensure precise movement along with the usage of finest quality materials for long-lasting durability with 2 years warranty on the battery (twice as long as average).

Handcraft By Bike Lovers

Genuine Creation

Each and every Advene is handcrafted by cycling enthusiasts with passion and pride in each of the work produced.

Numerous Positive Reviews

Robert L. Newbold
Robert L. Newbold
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I had never thought about buying an electric mountain bike before, but now I'm soaked in electric bikes that I enjoy riding every weekend.
Jinsoo Kim
Jinsoo Kim
Read More
Recently I reordered some items to strengthen my mobility and received them a few days ago. Strongly recommended!!
Kelly D. Pinkney
Kelly D. Pinkney
Read More
While riding Advene, I can feel a tremendous amount of energy and flying feeling due to the convenient ride.
Cheolwoo Park
Cheolwoo Park
Read More
So far, I am satisfied and using it, so I am promoting it to students a lot.
Minsoo Lee
Minsoo Lee
Read More
This is my first E-bike and the price is reasonable and I am enjoying it a lot.
Morgan J
Morgan J
Read More
So far, my experience with Advene has been amazing. This bike at a reasonable price is equipped with high-quality technology and is surprisingly fast, and I hope you continue to make it. It's the best!

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"the sleekest and smartest electric mountain bike designed by riders"

Experience The Thrill Of ZERO Effort Riding